Baltimore opens high-tech police booking center

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Fri Nov 24 22:07:51 MST 1995

Baltimore opens high-tech police booking center

    BALTIMORE (Reuter) - The 1990s version of prison stripes is
the supermarket-type bar code.
    Baltimore officials unveiled a new central police booking
center Wednesday they said was the most advanced in the United
    The center, which aims to cut booking time and get police
officers back on the streets, has video conference facilities
for bail hearings, electronic fingerprinting devices and
bracelets with supermarket-style bar codes to track prisoners'
movements through the system.
    ``Once I get used to the system I should be able to make the
arrest, book him or her, process the statements and be back on
the street in 45 minutes,'' Baltimore Police Sergeant J.R.
Sharpe said at a preview of the facility.
    That compares with current times of 90 minutes to four
hours, he said.
    The $54 million booking center will process its first
suspect Nov. 28. It is as big as two and a half football fields,
and may eventually serve other counties in Maryland.

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