Mao's Crimes and Misdemeanours

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Ok. lets get into it. No recognition of positive contributions should be
noted at this stage. Let me start off.

1. Failing to brush teeth daily.

2. Failing to use tooth paste

3. Failing to believe  his doctor that he should be  treated for
a condition which is symptomless in the male but which has symptoms
in the female, and can be contracted by other means than sexual intercourse.

4. Having been seen to have the side of his bed raised so as to arouse
unspeakable speculations that he may have enjoyed sexual intercourse
other than in the missionary position.

5. Enjoying ancient Chinese pornography.

6. Allowing himself to be flattered into accepting the attention of
women in a dance troupe whose company hefoolishly thought to be good
for his physical and mental well-being as he got older, and putting
himself in a sexually intimate position with more than one at a time.

7. Not always realising they they did not love him for his body.

8. Not being faithful to Jiang Ching

9. Not being faithful to his second wife who had schizophrenia,
and not arguing with the doctors who said she needed prolonged
treatment away from him.



1. Enlarging the scope of struggle from the middle 50's so as to include
5% of the population

2. Fostering political campaigns that forced on these people hardships that
had been accepted voluntarily by fighters during the war of liberation.

3. Vindictively counterattacking against the reasonable criticisms of Peng
TeHuai in 1959.

4. Fostering mass campaigns based idealistically on undifferentiated
enthusiasm, to isolate and defeat his opponents within the party.

5. Allowing moralistic self-seekers to attain positions of great
influence and power in the party, outside the rule of law and proper
party procedures.

6. Widening the antagonisms with the Soviet Union beyond the
legitimate criticisms

7. Going beyond the courage and sacrifice of the Chinese support
to Korea against US imperialism and implying that nuclear weapons
could be disregarded as a danger, thereby isolating China from the
international peace movement.

8 Believing that the economy could be developed mainly by collective
spirit and enthusiasm, overleaping the material conditions in an
ultraleft way, and leaving China vulnerable to three serious famine years
in which millions died (following the Great Leap Forward).

9, Being arbitrary, quirky, unsystematically selfcritical, self-indulgent and
imprudent in his desire to storm heaven

 (People may wish to disagree with the formulations, as I threw
this out in 10 minutes)

More please.

Chris, London

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