Re@ 100 years of (Mis)Understanding

Chris Burford cburford at
Sun Nov 26 16:26:17 MST 1995

> Barkley Rosser

I'm am very strongly resisting the urge to Ralph on you.

Marc, "the Chegitz," Luzietti

Marc, I would appreciate it if you could desist.

Some of your anger seemed to me very creative and positive,
reminding us of the class history of Finland. But could
we leave the fucking for off piste activity?

If Barkley Rosser did not exist he would have to be invented.
There are millions of people with his viewpoint in real life, whom
we may have to work with.

This list will grow strong by its ability to defend and argue out
the relevance of marxist ideas in a persuasive way, rather than
by crushing people.  You have a lot to contribute here.

At the same time, if he could express himself in a firm but less
provocative way, IMO Barkley has a strong case that Leninist
violations of formal bourgeois democracy, however justified in
the short term, have appeared to weaken the credibility of marxism
in the long term.

We need a really good argument about this.

Chris, London.

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