Requested source of Lenin quote has been found!

Erwin Marquit marqu002 at
Sun Nov 26 23:23:28 MST 1995

Earlier today I asked if anyone could locate the following quotation from
"We do not regard Marx's theory as something completed and
inviolable; on the contrary we are convinced that it has
only laid the foundation stone of the science which
socialists must develop in all directions if they are
to keep pace with life. We think that an independent
elaboration of Marx's theory is especially essential for
Russian socialists; for this theory provided only general
guiding principles which, in particular, are applied to
England differently than in France, in France differently
than in Germany, and in Germany differently than in Russia."

I am happy to report that the appeal was fruitful and source was found: It
was written in the second half of 1899 in an article "Our Program" that
appeared in Rabochaya Gazeta and can be found in English in V. I. Lenin:
Works, vol. 4, pp. 211-12 (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1960).

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