Mauro's Green Machine Code

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Mon Nov 27 04:56:10 MST 1995

On 27 Nov 1995, Chris, London wrote:

> 2. Machine code, however, is another matter. I do not know the answer to Mauro's
> request. I would appreciate if Jim J knows an answer, could he help, and
> perhaps post the advice to the list for future reference?

	I don't know how it looks in the Digest, but I got it as a PKZIP
file attached with MIME -- quite acceptable on the Internet -- but maybe
not to this *&^#$(@ shareware/freeware 7-bit server software...  :>

	I exported it out of the message using PINE's easy commands, and
DL'd it to my HDD and then unZIPped it.  It's clearly an italiano docfile
-- but there's coding at the beginning and end of it that leads me to
believe Mauro saved it out of a wordprocessing program.

	If so -- Mauro:  could you tell us what program you used to
compose your file, and maybe ZIP up an ASCII one next time (unless the
Digest protests...)?

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