Green Marxism and Leninism

Mon Nov 27 11:59:09 MST 1995

     Well, having just gotten some use out of my asbestos
suit, here I go again with another thread.
     Following up on the various discussions of Lenin's
_Materialism and Empirio-Criticism_ I would note that one
of his bugaboos in there is Aleksandr Bogdanov.  Let me
suggest that Bogdanov provides a possible starting point for
a "Green Marxist" position.  The particularly interesting
work (post-MAEC) is _Tektology: The Universal Science of
Organization_, 1925-28, Moscow.  This led directly to the
development of the "noosphere" concept by Vladimir Vernadsky,
"The Biosphere and the Noosphere," _American Science_, 1945,
vol. 33, pp. 1-12.  A godd discussion of all this can be found
in Kenneth M. Stokes, _Man and the Biosphere_, 1992, M.E. Sharpe.
Barkley Rosser, sorry, just a "snooty" professor

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