Gramsci & Trotsky

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Mon Nov 27 13:08:05 MST 1995

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Jj Plant wrote:

> Chris, some of your participants may be interested in this. It appeared
> in the first Russian editions of Trotsky's "Literature & Revolution", but
> not in any of the English editions. Gramsci is evidently replying to
> Trotsky's enquiries about futurism.
> The translation is mine, so treat with care.
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Louis: Kudos to Jj Plant for supplying the Gramsci piece. This just
confirms my belief that this list is drawing out some of the most
insightful and important Marxist thought in the world today.

The whole subject of futurism, especially its ties to fascism, is
pregnant with implications. Ordinarily I shy away from "superstructure"
issues but it makes you stop and think twice about the obsession with
technology during the information superhighway period we are in.

Wired Magazine seems lifted out of the futurist culture of the early
1900's but the jazzed up graphics and Tofflerian mindset disguise a
patently reactionary message. Gingrich is a favorite of Wired.

Russian futurism was just wonderful, but Italian futurism seems awfully
dicey. Can we separate out this question from the very real dialectical
phenomenon of Mussolini's political evolution itself? After all, wasn't
Mussolini a bona fide socialist earlier in his career. Franciso G. is
preparing a report on the ideology of Italian and Spanish fascism. I hope
he takes this into account.

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