Joel Kovel says, "Stop me before I cure again!"

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Mon Nov 27 20:34:59 MST 1995

This is another potential thread like that of Stalinism really needing to
be taken up.  I suppose that is the true delight of this list.  Everyday it
surprises one.

My own feelings are that as Marxists we should beware of the attractions
of a
species of Romanticism such as Anti-psychiatry.  It is a real mess of
contradicitons with good elements such as the emphasis on the civil
liberties of the mentally ill combined with noxious anti-rational elements
which would condemn the sick to the horrors of their hallucinations and
delusions and voices on the spurious grounds that these represent some
form of priviliged insight. I think it was Dory Previn who said that a
psychosis might sound great on the Late Show but in real life it was pure

But as I said there is a lot to take up here.  From Nietzsche to Laing to
Foucault.  Someday we should settle accounts with the anarchist legacy of
the 60s.



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