Trade Union Bureaucracy

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Tue Nov 28 03:59:09 MST 1995

Adam Rose <adam at> writes:

> But whether a union has right of left leadership isn't the crucial issue.
> eg in 1972 and 1974 the miners won with a right wing leadership, and in 1985
> they lost with a left wing leadership.
> The difference in the 2 strikes was the confidence of the rank + file,
> both inside + outide the mining industry.

This is a rather one-sided and undialectical approach, IMO.  I don't disagree
that a confident rank + file is vital, but if union leaderships keep selling
out then it leads to a decrease in confidence (in general).

And surely you don't think that "confidence of the rank + file" is the only
reason why strikes succeed or fail.  Isn't strategy also important?


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