Careing and lack of freedom are oximorons!

Richard Clark Eckert rceckert at
Tue Nov 28 09:17:25 MST 1995


Maybe "indoctrinate" is correct term unless one can "convince"
individuals that neither that Capitalism (via land, labor, and resource
exploitation) and Marxism (via anti-national sentiments) seek to
assimilate Native Americans into ideologies opposed to tribal

Furthermore, "indoctrinate" is a better terms for describing efforts of
those who suffer from historical amnesia and believe that Native
Americans did not accumulate property.  The alleged lack of property was
used as a legal basis from which to rationalize the "discovery" and
"conquest" of a continent.

I have recently been reminded that it was not the lack of Native
owned property or even a desire to accumulate property that so offended
Europeans, but the fact that human rights were intertwined with
property rights. This issue most Marxist that I have talked to have no
problem with once the Eurocentric history is exposed.  However, when I
mention that dreams were considered by the Anishinabeg to be the highest
form of personal property, not of thing of air, but having utility, then
the attempts are made to "indoctrinate" me.

Unfortunately, the term "dream" invites people to forget to question
what the operational definition of the term may be to the Anishinabeg.
Their preconceived Eurocentrioc biases betray them.  As such, these
alleged Marxists fail to recongize that the freedom of Native thought can
represent an intersection between human right and property right.
Fortunately, there are people who will neither attempt to "indoctrinate"
nor try to "convince" me, but have the intellectual power to educate me
of any deficiencies or errors in my judgement.

Richar Eckert
University of Michigan

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

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> >Regards and good luck with the indoctrinating!
> Frank, I would substitute 'convince' for the loaded word indoctrinate.
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