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Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Tue Nov 28 11:48:16 MST 1995

At 12:03 PM 11/28/95, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>Louis: Scott, as usual, makes good sense here. I would rather err on the
>side of economic determinism than the sort of leftist idealism that
>typifies New Leftists like Marcuse and his nephew Laclau. Robert Fitch,
>who used to be the editor of Mother Jones when it was a radical mag, once
>said that "vulgar Marxism" was sufficient to explain 98% of reality. I
>agree, and you are not going to find anybody much more vulgar than me.

Two minor corrections: Bob was an editor at Ramparts, not MoJo (and has
wonderful stories about what sleazeballs David Horowitz & Peter Collier
were even then), and he said 90% of reality, not 98%.



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