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Mauro junior mauro.jr at iol.it
Tue Nov 28 19:54:27 MST 1995

At 08.52 15/11/95 CST, Scott Marshall wrote:
>Gee Jim and Mauro,
>Weren't the Tudah folks well rewarded last year when 40 of their leaders
>were executed in Iran. And didn't they suffer the highest rate of execution
>of any political party in Iran all during the period you are describing. I
>guess the ruling class just never appreciates the work of their friends huh.
>And it's so good that there are clear thinking critics like you guys to
>applaud from the sidelines when these vermin are being delt with.

Mauro jr:
How many christians, liberals, democrats have been killed by fascism? Some
hundreds in Italy, some thousands in Germany, and still this not implies
they were working class militants. BTW, and for you information, the highest
rate of execution during these years has been suffered by Komala/CPofIran
militants and sympathizers in the Kurdistan.
Thay's enough! I do not reply the usual stalinist slanders about the
applauding from the sidelines. By now, everybody knows how poisonous are the
vipers of the stalinist parties, however "ex" they are.
Go to see in Iran who was and is in sidelinea of the Khomeini-ists: whether
the revolutionaries or the Tudeh.
Come to see in Italy who is in sidelines of the bourgeoisie and of the
police: whether we internationalists or your brothers of the Pds/Rifondazione.
Mauro Junior
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