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At 03.07 27/11/95 Chris- London wrote:

>1. I am personally delighted if say 10% of this list is in Italian, Spanish
>or German. I pick the figure out of the sky, with only a rough sense
>of correspondence to the proportion of subscribers.
>I appreciate Mauro's assertiveness in posting his article.
>2. Machine code, however, is another matter. I do not know the answer to
>request. I would appreciate if Jim J knows an answer, could he help, and
>perhaps post the advice to the list for future reference?
>3. You are going to suspect me of prejudice against what of course
>I consider your ultra-left leanings, Mauro, but the article was something like
>30K long. I deleted it before checking the length, but it took up a whole
>digest. A vigorous debate between "ultra-left" and "reformist" positions on
>ecology could be very stimulating. But could I suggest with an article of
>this length, you post an intro in English, the summary or conclusion, in
>with an invitation to approach you for the full text.
Mauro jr:
Thanks, Chris. You are right. The article is too long. But the machine
works, as I received the file back from the list. I'll practice your
suggestions immediately because *** I was wrong in choosing the file! The
file I posted was an article on a totally different issue: "the class
composition after the restructuring of the production process (third
techological revolution) and the consequent perspectives for the
revolutionary programme". It has been published in Prometeo 6, while the
article "Man environment capital" has been published in Prometeo 7.
I'm going to post an other message to the list.
Rev. greetings
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