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Wed Nov 29 01:23:16 MST 1995


Nozick is remarkably wrong.  He does not understand competitive
capitalism and monopoly capitalism.  Of course, anarchists have never
understood class.  He is about as appealing as the petty-bourgeois little
Freudian shit Erich Fromm.

Shawgi Tell
University at Buffalo
Graduate School of Education


To his credit IMO, Ralph has accepted responsibility for being provoked by
this remark about Fromm. IMO it is likely to be seen as provocative and does
not do you credit.

I think you add to the range of debate on this list, and for myself
I am slowly recognising your distinctive voice.

But Fromm is a phenomenon who cannot be wished away by abusive terms like
petty-bourgoeis, little, Freudian, and shit.

He had links with the Frankfurt School and to my recollection presented a more
accessible type of humanistic ego-psychology than Freud. He was perhaps a
forerunner of the self-help type of psychology paperbacks that are on
stalls in every major  English speaking bookshop, station and airport.
This has become part of the self-reproducing culture of late 20th century

What exactly are the problems please, in your opinion, about Fromm, and more
importantly how do you analyse his social and economic significance?

Chris, London.

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