Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Wed Nov 29 06:00:49 MST 1995

This remark from Barkley Rosser appears to be a complete
confusion. The previous post by Barkley says that someone, not me,
was responsible for this idea.

     Another missing duplicate message, apologies again
if necessary.
     In response to Lisa Rogers:
     Thought you were gone cause Chris B. said that you were
not "co-mod" anymore.

I will probably be thought to be pathologising again, but this
sounds to me more like a signal of the level of confusion for
many people, with the volume of mail we are getting.

Current co(non)moderators are Lisa, Bryan and myself. In practice
as is clear to everyone I hope, this list is above all, self-
moderated. People can only make suggestions, and rely on the
good judgement of all subscribers.

Chris, London.

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