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You wrote:
>of their religious beliefs. As to the sidelines, can you show me one
>movement led by or initiated by your oh-so-pure friends in Iran? It's
>to make mistakes if you're not involved in any real struggles. And
>at the mouth is not argument.... but it is fun to watch....:-).

    Carlos Interjected:

    Sorry, but the Komala-CP of Iran are no co=thinkers of Mauro and
    his group.  Komala is a guerrrilla organization based on the
    Kurdish territory in the border between Iran and Iraq.  They have
    had plenty of inflcuence in the mid 80s in that area and were the
    only revolutionary force that oppossed the war between Iraq and
    Iran in more or less principple way.  I discussed with leaders of
    Komala several times, as well with leaders of the CP of Iran ( a
    former Maoist... I believed they abandoned Maoism, but I'm not sure
    if they completed the turn since I lost contact with them in
    mid-80s).  The CP of Iran have a lot of working class work in
    Teheran and in the oil producing areas of the country.  They also
    have a number of intellectuals and, around 1983-84 they were the
    most important, an in my opinion princippled, opposition to the
    Mullahs regime.  the CP of Iran and Komal formalized an agreement
    (revolutionary workers front) in 1980(?) and were merging their
    forces.  Last contact I had with them, they were building a couple
    of clandestine radios in Iran.  In Kurdistan, Komala was the only
    mass-based oppostion to the Democratic Party of Kurdistan who,
    even though oppossed Khomini, launched a vicious, armed attack
    against Komala.

    Sure you would like to know that your sarcasm was missdirected.


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