100 Years of (Mis)Understanding

UticaRose at aol.com UticaRose at aol.com
Wed Nov 29 22:48:20 MST 1995

In a message dated 95-11-28 13:55:28 EST,jjazz wrote:

>	I'd like to get it clear here `Utica':  are you a marxist?
lets see. cant ask about cuba. cant comment about soviets. cant criticize
gramsci. could this be a pattern of some sort ?

i'd like to get it "clear here" - is there anyone here aside from Mr. Burns
who can handle a disagreement without making ad hominem attacks ?

guess it depends on what you mean by marxist. by any standard i can think of,
probably more so that many i know. do i have to pass some litmus test of
having a longer reading list ? do i have to take a loyalty oath to the
workers and peasants of some socialist fatherland ?

a marxist is as a marxist does. and what have you done, in a marxist way,
lately ?

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