Finland & 100 Years of (Mis) Understanding

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Thu Nov 30 02:39:34 MST 1995

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Marcus Strom wrote:

> The reformists / soc.dems.  on this list are annoying me

	You and me both, mate...

> No-one has talked about the role of imperialism in shoring up the
> economic and political conditions of the 'west' european nations
> during the long boom. Surely finland was a recipient of some of this.
> Although it had a 'special relationship' with the USSR, it also had a
> 'special relationship' with the NATO. Finland played an each way bet
> and attempted for the best of both worlds. It makes little sense in a
> global economic system to compare individual countries.
> Start with the totality of the position of Finland in the world
> system. It had the benefit of not being completely surrounded by a
> hostile economic system as the USSR was, developed a 'special'
> relationship with the
> USSR, and used its 'frontline' status to get concessions from the
> west.
[more details ommitted]

	It's all in the details, ain't it?  (something these guys still
don't seem to get...)

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