Question for Shawgi on "vile ideologies"

David McInerney davidmci at
Thu Nov 30 18:03:17 MST 1995

Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Shawgi Tell wrote:

>once classes are
>abolished, there will no longer be a material basis for vile
>ideologies.   Eventually, social consciousness will correspond to
>this base shift.  Antagonistic contradictions will disappear.

Could you please clarify what you mean here Shawgi.  As you claim that
*anatgonistic* contradictions will disappear in a classless society
(leaving, I guess, Mao's 'non-antagonistic contradictions' or secondary
contradictions as opposed to antagonistic, principal contradictions) are
you claiming that ideology in general will cease to exist (as bourgeois
intellectuals claimed in the 1950s and again now), or are you simply
claiming that ideology will continue but in a 'non-vile' form?  Please
explain, as some on this list would be tempted to take your postion for
economism ala Kautsky et. al.

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