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Thu Nov 2 15:22:45 MST 1995

HEY RALPH! I'm about to take a leaf out of your book! -:)

Miller, you are a juvenile asshole!

You appear to regard me as a class enemy because I say
the labor theory of value is wrong. This reminds me of
_The Dispossessed_ (another book I presume you haven't read
that this list has recently been discussing), where the
physicist Shevek is criticised as being "un-Odonian" because
he has disproved the theories of sequency physics).

Well on that grounds I'm not your only class enemy, kid.
There are plenty of economists of all political hues who
have pointed out logical problems with the labor theory of
value, and even those who still defend it admit that it's
far from the simple propositions put forward by Marx in Vol. I.
For christ's sake, save us your hurt revolutionary feelings,
bug off and do some decent reading and thinking.

A point you made yourself some time ago in defence of
debates over value was that, if there are errors in value
theory, then bad theory will lead to bad revolutionary
practice. Now you want to classify anyone who says that
there might be problems with the theory as a class enemy.

I remember a similar observation by another mighty thinker
of the past:

"`we have unquestionably attained a position where the material
conditions of the workers and peasants are improving from year
to year. The only ones who can have doubts on this score are
the sworn enemies of the Soviet regime'"

Stalin, quoted in (Nove, _An Economic History of the USSR_,
1969, p.207).


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