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Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at
Fri Nov 3 09:04:40 MST 1995

From: Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Could you put it on an archive and direct us to it, or is it feasible
to send it email?

Thanks for the invite, but it's a DRAFT, so I don't want to archive
it til it's finished, which depends partly on when I can get it back
out of the clutches of my co-authors.  Well, one of them was in
Africa all summer, but that's no excuse for the other one!  

Yes, I can e-mail, already have, to some private requests, but you
know that problem I was having with attached files?  I'm dealing with
them now by retrieving one to the inside of an e-mail message, but
that buffer is so small that it takes 5 e-mails to send the whole
paper, and it's only 12 pages, including references.  


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