Official Non/Mod Announcement

Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at
Fri Nov 3 20:31:39 MST 1995

I am happy to announce the addition of another co/non/moderator to
our happy family, welcome the brilliant, wise and always diplomatic
Chris Burford!

Burford [I call him that onlist so as not to confuse with Chris S. or
our other Chris _B_ailey] has equal "power" with myself as regards
list "facilitation", he gets to call his name, his role and his
behavior anything he wants.  He is also allowed to disagree with me,
but only a little bit [Ha! as much as he wants.]  I remain the
designated spoon-liaison, because Burford doesn't want to be bothered
with it.  I can live with that.

We are looking for more co-mods.  We are __considering the
possibility__ of considering nominations/volunteers from list-members
at large.  Does anybody have an opinion on that idea? [dare I ask] or
should I just take care of it and not bother you-all?  Wouldn't want
to distract you from any "valu"able discussions...  just trust me...

Your devoted and abused servant,

(I take this action only after seizing de facto leadership of the
anarchic Spoon Collective, expelling some of them and verbally
whipping the rest into submission, and as a result of extensive
secret negotiations with all my favorites by way of private e-mail,
and after months of conniving and contriving to impose my own
proto-facist program upon the list ... NOT!!)

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