The value debate

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Sat Nov 4 12:38:01 MST 1995

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> I share his frustration with simplistic readings of Marx's economics 
> which I have ridiculed as learning Marx in sunday school, and got flack
> for my arrogance. Unfortunately many left-wingers get as far as hearing
> the concept of the extraction of surplus value from the workers, believe
> that this gives theoretical justification for thinking all capitalists
> are bastards and that is good enough. At the risk of unpopularity on 
> this list however, I would insist that a fuller reading of Marx makes
> clear that not all capitalists are bastards and unless we understand that
> we have not understood marxism. 

	One of my main reasons for coming here was to learn this stuff --
I don't pretend to be an `expert', but I'm also old enough to know
pomposity when I see it, and there's more than just a tinge of it here on
this List...  Some of the more `erudite' comrades really don't seem to be
that interested in interpreting their `discoveries' and making them open
to discussion by the masses... 

	They also don't seem to get that we are often less than impressed
by their `discoveries' and do INDEED understand often what is being said
-- we just don't BUY it, based on our OWN _just as valuable_ experience... 

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