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	Some hard facts about european fascism today -- especially note 
the confused reaction of the `center' and left parties...

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(The following info is a bit old, as we misplaced the file, but we're 
posting it nonetheless because of its usefulness. ATS - November 5, 1995)

European News Shorts (April/May/June 1995)


French 'Terror' Raids

     At least 70 Algerians and Tunisians, allegedly involved in
'terrorism' or smuggling illegal immigrants, were rounded up by
police on June 18th in a country-wide operation focused mainly on
the Paris region, Marseille and northern France. Four hundred
police, including the special branch, internal secret service and
the anti-gang flying squad, were involved in dawn raids that came
seven months after an arms cache was discovered in the Paris area
during a big raid on Islamic extremist meeting places. The most
recent operation was ordered by Jean-Louis Bruguiere, the
examining magistrate in charge of anti-terrorist investigations,
who demanded action against networks allegedly linked to two
Algerian organisations, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) and the
Armed Islamic Group (GIA), and the Tunisian Islamic Front (FIT).
     Police were given about fifty targets, including two hotels
in the 18th arrondissement of Paris where the anti-gang squad
intervened after warnings of possible armed resistance. About
forty suspects were held in the Paris region and at least nine in
Marseille, where police raided a garage in a hunt for vehicles
suspected of carrying arms. According to interior ministry
officials, the raids demonstrated that the new Gaullist-led
administration of President Jacques Chirac had not changed the
tough policy towards north African policy towards north African
'terrorism' after the former interior minister, Charles Pasqua,
was replaced by a close Chirac aide, Jean-Louie Debre.

(Adapted from the Guardian - June 19/95)

Parisian Riot Cops On Racist Rampage

     The streets of Belleville, Paris's most 'laid-back' quarter
was the stage for a May 29th demonstration in community protest
against a long-standing history of police racism and brutality.
     An incident the previous weekend, which saw the involvement
of 200 riot police, began when a vanload of constables harrassed
21-year old Xavier Lelloum for identity papers, of which he was
unable to produce. Lellum was verbally abused and thrown into the
police van. Within minutes, there were roughly 250 community and
family-based members of the community shaking the van, demanding
his release. Their response came to them in the form of a rush by
the police, who charged without warning, shouting "dirty Jew" and
"dirty Arab", lashing out with batons at men, women, and
children; young and old; Jew and Arab, motivated sheerly by
racist hate.
     Demonstrators in the aftermath chanted, "Police everywhere,
justice nowhere" and drew the links between police brutality and
the pattern of identity-check abuse.
     Fuck the flics!

(Adapted from various news-media)

FN Skinheads Commit Another Racist Murder

     On May 2nd, anti-racist groups, SOS Racisme, trade unions,
and human rights groups called for a ban on all public
demonstrations by the Front National after a Moroccan man was
brutally killed by FN supporters during a rally in Paris. Brahim
Bouraam was attacked and thrown off a bridge by a group of ten
fascist skinheads who had broken away from the demonstration.
Following the attack, the skins rejoined the march.
     The attack came only days before the decisive second round
of the French presidential elections. With Chirac believed to be
holding a narrow lead, the voting intentions of the 4.5 million
first-round-supporters of Le Pen's Front National were crucial to
both candidates. After dismissing Bouraam's death as "an
incident", Le Pen went on to claim that "the Front National is
the victim of deliberate provocation, aimed at distorting the
political message of its leader in this strategic period between
two rounds".
     In Febuary of this year, a French-national Comoros teenager,
Ibrahim Ali, was shot dead while running to catch a bus, by a
squad of FN thugs who were fly-posting for the far-right
electoral party. Le Pen has claimed that the shooting was in
self-defense and denied allegations that FN poster teams were
under instruction to carry arms. In March, Le Pen's son-in-law,
Samuel Marechal was fined and given a suspended sentence for his
part in a group assault with baseball bats on a group of left-
wing students. In April, in a Paris suburb, three fascists posing
as policemen attacked and beat up a pregnant Algerian woman.
These three have since been freed on bail, despite police having
found an arms cache in one of their apartments.
     In the most recent 'incident', a Polish television
journalist informed police he had been threatened by three
skinheads who he had seen chasing young immigrants with baseball
bats. Among the fascists rounded up into police custody in the
aftermath, were members of a neo-Nazi skinhead grouping with FN
affiliations, who have been known for terrorising immigrant fans
at Paris SG's football grounds for years. 

French Election '95 Round-up: Game On For The FN?

     In his first presidential attempt in 1974, Jean-Marie Le Pen
won less than 1% of the vote. When the FN reconsolidated itself
in the 1980s, many claimed that Le Pen would never get much more
than that 1%. But, in the 1988 presidential election, playing up
his race/immigration card, Le Pen rocketed to 14.38%. This year,
after taking 15% of the first-round vote, Le Pen's Front National
readied itself for a surge of support, having cleared the 10%
neccessary to stay in the running. With Le Pen announcing his
intentions to cast a 'blank' vote, for neither of the left or
right opposition, he predicted an increase in his support for the
second round. 
     Gaullist RPR national assembly Speaker, Phillipe Seguin,
called for a republican front as a 'moral' alliance between right
and left against the Front. A refusal by both the right and the
left to implement this strategy has, in the final outcome,
attributed to the election of extreme-right councillors in many
large French cities. The FN ended up doing well particularly in
the Mediterranean, eastern, and northern regions, while political
leaders who stood behind the call for an anti-Le Pen coalition
were disavowed and disowned by their respective parties. To date,
predictions have been hard to pinpoint for the outcome of FN
standing in big cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Besancon, Dijon,
Le Havre, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Montpellier, Nimes,
Perpignan and Rouen, but on June 18th the FN seized control of
the Mediterranean naval port of Toulon. This, a city of more than
160,000 people, has been its biggest success yet in municipal
elections. It also took control of Orange and Marignane, two
other southern urban areas with considerably large immigrant
     Immigrants and communities of colour feel that whatever
happens, the elections can't bring good news for a people who
aren't made to feel at home as citizens, regardless of who is in
power. As is the case with present-day Germany, the race and
immigration card is being played in France for the stakes of
power; the extreme right and the 'conservative' right
manipulating each other to call the shots. Either way, economic
refugees and immigrants are on the losing end of the deal.
Remember, fascism doesn't begin with concentration camps, that's
where it ends.


Election Round-Up: Big Gains For The Vlaams Blok Fall Short

     Expected big gains for Belgian fascist and far-right parties
failed to materialize. It was predicted that the ultra-rightwing
Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc) and neo-fascist National Front could,
combined, make them the fourth-largest party in the Belgian
parliament. At the beginning of May, the Vlaams Blok launched a
public relations campaign designed to improve its image. The
party admits its sympathies for pro-Nazi collaborators in the
second World War while denying that this means it is still
fascist. But for the Vlaams Blok, which openly calls for the
mass-deportation of immigrants, their runnings fell short of the
30% of the vote expected by their leaders, while neo-fascist
parties in French-speaking Wallonia also lost considerable
ground. These gains nonetheless, must be seen as a reminder of
what fascist parties such as the Vlaams Blok really have the
potential to gain, given the cultivation of the social conditions
they seek to flourish within.


"No Skins, No Racists" - Graffiti On A Lisbon Wall

     The racist killing of a young man of Cape Verdean origin at
the hand of fascist skinheads has unleashed repraisal killings
and rising anger among blacks who face victimization from
Portuguese society. Alcindo Monteiro was beaten senseless as he
walked alone through the Barrio Alto district of Lisbon, where 70
fascist skins attacked with knuckle-dusters and baseball bats,
any black person who crossed their path. Days after his death,
which brought to eight the number of people to die since 1989, a
gang of white youths attacked two black men in Alfama in central
     Nine of the ten skinheads who took part in the attack
against Monteiro have been arrested, facing up to three months in
jail pending investigations. Anti-racist demonstrators numbering
around 10,000 - black and white - marched together in the
country's first mass anti-racism demonstration, carrying banners
reading: "We will not be provoked".

(Adapted from Publico)


Norwegian Nazis Blitzed

     Norway's neo-nazi skinheads are still trying to recover from
their major setback in Febuary when the police raided their base
and arrested 80 thugs. The city of Tonsberg has been a major
centre for the nazis in the past few weeks and trouble was
expected on 1 May, but things did not turn out quite the way the
nazis had hoped.
     A bus was arranged to drive members of the Oslo-based Viking
group to Tonsberg. It was met in Oslo by anti-fascists who gave
the Viking activists a warm welcome. Later, police stopped them
over outside Tonsberg and accused the nazis of stealing petrol
and driving a substandard vehicle. The nazis, led by the well-
known bomber Petter Kristian Kyvik, were transported out of the
area by the police. With the nazis safely out of the way,
Tonsberg instead hosted a strong anti-racist demonstration.
     Meanwhile the well-known Norwegian satanist, Count Grishnak,
alias Burzum, who is serving a long sentence for murder and
setting fire to churches, has written a book. He does not expect
it to be published because "it reveals too much truth about the
secret Jewish leadership of Norway".
     The count has previously stated that he became a nazi
because "the Jews murdered my father, Odin". He has now revealed
that he is joining the neo-nazis. Ole Krogstad, leader of the
bonehead veteran group Boot Boys, confirmed that he and the count
were getting closer. Krogstad also claimed that the count will
have a song on the forthcoming, and first ever, Norwegian white
power CD.

(Source: Norwegian anti-fascists)


Haider Targets Nazi-hunter

     The Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider has launched a
campaign against the world's most reknowned Nazi-hunter, Simon
Wiesenthal, seeking to mobilise public opinion against moves to
declare him an honourary citizen of Vienna.
     Just as a report on growing anti-Semitism in Europe voiced
alarm at the political successes in Austria of Mr. Haider's
Freedom Movement, describing it as "the heirs to the fascist and
Nazi traditions in Austria", the far-right populist has taken out
newspaper advertisements opposing honourary citizenship for Mr.
     Mr. Wiesenthal, aged 86, has for decades pursued Nazi war
criminals from an office in Vienna. While his walls are lined
with international awards, there have been few plaudits in
     Haider is seen by some as a potential Austrian chancellor.
Over the past few years he has gone from strength to strength by
exploiting anti-foreigner sentiment in a country with a history
of anti-Semitism. A report this week on increasing anti-Semitism
in Europe from the American Jewish Committee referred to Mr.
Haider's successes as "disturbing".

(Source: Guardian - June 22/95)


Lauck Extradition To Go Ahead

     The Danish Justice Ministry has decided to extradite Gary
Lauck to Germany, where he faces charges of illegal distribution
of nazi and racist literature. According to Danish newspapers the
decision has been made to prevent Denmark becoming a base for
neo-nazi propaganda.
     Lauck, who was arrested on 16 March near Copenhagen, is the
leader of the nazi NSDAP-AO, which is banned in Germany.
     Bjorn Westh, the Danish Justice Minister, indicated on a
number of occasions that Lauck's deportation was likely. A
spokesperson of the Justice Ministry told a newspaper that
several of Lauck's racist pronouncements about Jews and asylum
seekers in his leaflets were illegal in Denmark because they were
linked with incitement to violence.
     Lauck's lawyer, Erik Liisberg, intends to appeal against the
decision. He claims some of the offences with which Lauck is
charged in Germany are not illegal under Danish law and those
that are attract a higher sentence in Germany. Mr. Liisberg is
also appealing to the US embassy in Denmark to intervene as Lauck
is a US citizen.

(Information sourced from Shitelight [Searchlight, actually,
though the other name is more accurate - ATS])

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