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Sun Nov 5 16:50:32 MST 1995

A couple of short notes:

1) While I concur with Chris B's welcome of Peter Burns, SJ, to the list, 
     I have a question for him:

   SJ (Society of Jesus): Weren't those people the same guys who gave us 
     the "Inquisition"?

   While I am an atheist, I come from a Jewish family and we have a very 
   long collective memory (as should Marxists). You could respond by 
   talking about "liberation theology." I ask instead that you give us a 
   short *critical* history of the Jesuits. A discussion about theology 
   would probably be pointless, a discussion concerning history is not.

2) If one rejects Marx's philosophy and his understanding of value, what 
   is one left with? A set of "stylized facts"? Or, political conclusions 
   which are not grounded in theory and history? In other words, a 
   "religion" which is accepted on faith by true believers?

   On the other hand, If one responds to criticism, by simply repeating what 
   Marx said and  accepting those statements as facts, isn't that a 
   classic form of religious dogmatism? 

   The way *I* understand Marxism requires that I have a more critical 
   perspective towards Marx's writings and the theories and practice of 
   others and myself. I believe that Marx felt the same way. He had a 
   critical perspective towards his own writings. We do his memory no 
   justice when we treat what was intended to be a dynamic world outlook and 
   transform it into a set of axioms and/or dogmas.


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