Fringe "Left" Disrupts Strikers and Affirmative Action Fight

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>Subject: Fringe "Left" Disrupts Strikers and Affirmative Action Fight
>To all,
>Attached is an article from the DETROIT JOURNAL, the newspaper of
>striking workers there.  It details the disruption of the strike there by
>suspicious fringe "left" groups associated with the Revolutionary Workers
>League, a small group with a bad reputation with other progressives and
Mauro jr.
I do not know any of the quoted "fringe left" groups, but I know very well
the methods used by Stalinist and syndacalists when somebody criticizes them
inside or in front of the working class. We internationalists, during and
immediately after the II WW, as we had much more influence than nowadays in
the working class, were told to be Gestapo's agents; some years later Cia's
agents, (by the stalinists of PCI) and bosses's allies or "paid by the
bossses" (by the syndacalists).
Of course, the bosses and their repression's organs are able to build up and
mantain, or infitrate groups and grouplets for making them provocateur
agents or instruments of the oolitical fights inside the bougeoisie. (The
history of the Red Brigades in Italy is meaningful; the POE - from a so
called Workers Caucus- is a more clear example). But it's not difficult to
check whether those quoted groups are paied by the bosses. How much money
they have? How effective are their agitational and organisational means
compared to their numerical strenght?
Jim and others, living downthere, should be able to say something. 
By the other hand, historically, actually, the best allies of the bosses are
everywhere the unions (and it seems particulary in the Usa, where the
stories come of the strange relationship between unions and Mafia, unions
and Cia).
Rev. greetings
Mauro Junior
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