religion & class struggle

Alex Trotter uburoi at
Mon Nov 6 10:42:36 MST 1995

Someone made an apt observation about anticlericalism/atheism being a 
19th cent. Liberal obssession, echoed into the 20th cent. by Spanish 
anarchists and Russian bolsheviks. Indeed--the revolutionists in those 
countries were belatedly bringing in the Enlightenment, along with its 
positivist/rationalist aftermath. And how about the grand-daddy of 
revolutions--the Great French Revolution? One reason the reformed 
calendar failed was resistance from the laboring classes. The Christian 
calendar at least gave them one official day of rest out of seven, 
whereas the revolutionary calendar gave them only one day out of ten! 
>From the perspective of slackers, all those saints' feast days 
(tacked on, in many cases, by the Church to the many pagan holidays) weren't 
such a bad deal, either. It took Calvinism (or marxism) to make the lazy 
bums more productive. Dogmatic atheism and worship of science ain't 
necessarily liberating.

--AT, an atheist of a different color

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