Liverpool Dockers

Adam Rose adam at
Mon Nov 6 07:27:13 MST 1995

There was a mass picket this morning ( Monday ).

I'm not sure how many were there all together - 300 ? 500 ? 600 ?
We marched up to the main gate and shut it, although 
apparently there are 4 or 5 other gates.

The gates have been shut before, but only when a demonstration
marched up to the gates. This is the first picket as such to close
the gates, I believe.

It shows that all the gates could be shut, if there were sufficient 
numbers. The strikers are yet to be convinced that this is what is
needed, but I think today was an important step in the right

To get 1000's on a picket would require asking other T+G members
to show their support physically at the gates, and this would 
involve the strikers taking on the T+G's position of not
giving official support to the strike.

Adam Rose

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