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Mon Nov 6 17:17:31 MST 1995

      Wow, what a title, huh?

      Religion is, for the most part, a pretty annoying subject, so I will
keep it short. For me the purpose of socialism is to free the human soul from
alianated labor.  Thus, emancipating labor.  However, I relize that my soul
is nothing more than a bunch of wet tissue whose protons and nuetrons send
electronic impulses back and forth causing the chemicles in my spirit to make
me do, think, and feel certain things.  Is this soul any less important than
that of the Jews, Christians, Muslems etc.? No. Only mine is not eternal (a
small detail.)
      Does some god control my soul?  Only if the word god is used as a
variable in human knowledge, ie.  I am here because X, if X=god.
    Many religious and agnostic people  beleive that the variable, X, can
never be solved.  That is the difference between me and them. I, as a
materialist and humanist (can the two be seperated?), beleive that all
questions can be solved and used to the advantage of any beings, if they do
not kill eachother off first.  
    There lies the only difference worth mentioning.  Is it possable for the
worker to over come the crualties of nature?  Are human beings capable of
eliminating all these alianations (spiritual, political, and economical.) so
that they can spend life living as opposed to exploiting eachother in order
to aquire the means to survive?
    Yes and Yes.  That is all that matters.  To me that is the core of my
collectivism.  If these are the answers that an individual gives, they are
helping, not hurting, the marxist tradition.
religious definitions are not worth fighting over.
    Please excuse any grammatical errors,
                                                          Mike D.
                                                          Mercer Island, Wa.

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