What's Driving Capitalist Reaction?

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At 07.15 06/11/95 -0500, Al wrote a message carrying an article from
Liberation & Marxism magazine. I'd have much to reply to such an essay of
stalinist-"marxism" but I limit my self to some points.

>>The so-called Contract with America embodies the newly 
>>aggressive mood of the United States' ruling class_drunk 
>>with arrogant self-confidence in the period since the 
>>collapse of the USSR, the retreat of China as a 
>>revolutionary, anti-imperialist force on the world arena, 
>>and the defensive posture of the movement as a whole. 

Thus, China would be a revolutionary, anti-imperialist force which would
have retreat fron the world arena.
Why revolutionary? The real revolutionary attempt in 1927 (Shangai and
Canton) by the chinese proletariat had been crushed by the Kuomintang with
the complicity of the already stalinist International and of the purged CP
of China. Then a national liberation war began, ending with the end of the
II WW with the victory of the "communist" forces, i.e. the nationalist
forces bound to the imperialist USSR (mainly the "C"P). Which class forces
united for the national liberation? The four classes (remember Mao's
writngs?). They built a new type of people's democracy, that one in which
the class contradictions were... inside the people (with, as always, many
greeting to Marx and the communist principles, because the main
contradiction was between China and Japan before, China and Taiwan (and
behind the imperialist America)after. When did the revolution come? With the
Great Proletarian Cultural revolution? 5-6 years after the split from the
Russian block in 1962. China was strong enough and Russia didn't give so
much: few bad tractors, few technology against high prices. But inside China
some forces of the burocracy and military (the red-dressed bourgeoisie)were
not agreeing with such a politics, threatening the Mao's rule. Hence, here,
Mao went to the masses shouting of class-struggle and dusting off the most
revolutionary phrases against the social-imperialist Russia and the
international ruling class, and against the bougeoises inside the communist
party. A classical political fight inside the ruling class, fought through
the recourse to the ruled class, hence with the most appealing ideology for it.

When did the counter revolution happen, if a revolution had been? That's a
mystery. Unless the writers of the article and the maoists found a
particular event or a particular dramatic process wich the class-balan
reverse thru. 
But everything happened inside the party, or inside the state-party with no
material actions or struggles by the working class.
No, fellows, China was not nor it is a revolutionary anti-imperialist force
which withdrew from the world arena. Bet what is it.

>>Feeling they no longer have the pressure of competition from 
>>the socialist bloc, the bankers and the bosses are carrying 
>>out wholesale raids on the public treasury, tearing up basic 
>>rights won by the workers over decades, strengthening 
>>national and sexual oppression and asserting their military 
>>domination over Europe and the rest of the world.

Rubbish. Should be re-written, in the same number of lines:
Feeling they no longer have the competition of the russian block,
the american capitalists try to face the crises like all the others 
(the Chinese ones, too), cutting the indirect part of the wage, i.e.
accomplishing a real robbery on the wage for cutting "v", and are asserting
their military
strenght in face of Germany and Japan which threaten to become the new 
imperialist pole opposite to the american one. 

The problem is not the military domination but the economical one, for which
the military strenght can help. But the present domination of the USA on
Europe and Japan is just on aero-space and some other stuff. Is it not true
that the Patriot rockets can fly and hit thanks to the japanese electronics?
The military strenght helps in the sense that is that one which dictates the
term of the economical reconstructions after the wars, surely not the
performances of the american technologies or the prices. Do you know what
happened in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and all the MO countries, after the Gulf war?
Have you the news about the talking in Ontario between Serbs Croats and
Bosnians (when they are there) about the post-war reconstruction? It's a
good move by the USA for throwing Germany out the south Balkans.

Briefly, with such bases, which mistify the truth on the present stage of
capital means going on with the suicida (from the class point of view)
politics which is lasting since 50 years.
The perspectives of a renewal of the revolutionary class struggles are
something which does not fit in the reply to such stuff.
Rev greetings
Mauro Junior
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