Louis gets a touching phone-call

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Wed Nov 8 09:09:36 MST 1995

This is the second post I'm filing today that is not directly to the 
thread on fascism, so I promise to file zero tomorrow. But it really is 
worth reporting.

Last night I got a call from somebody at around 9:45pm. Woke me from a 
deep sleep. (I get up at 6am in order to go bird-watching in Central 
Park.) The caller, without introducing himself, wants to know if I'm the 
Louis Proyect who wrote the article on the sectarianism of the SWP to the 
alt.trotsky newsgroup. I occasionally muck around over there, it allows 
me to vent the dark side of my personality that I suppress on this 
dignified Marxism list.

He said he liked it. Then he started to interrogate me: "Was I a 
Trotskyist?" "Did I teach at Columbia?" "How does one get on the Marxism 

He started to make me a little nervous. For all I know, it could have 
been the unabomber or somebody. It turns out that it was somebody who was 
a member of the SWP in the 1930's who had left with Shachtman and 
Burnham! He liked what I had written, but asked me, "How did you know 
that James Burnham used to wear top-hat and tails to meetings? I never 
saw this."

I was going to explain that I was taking artistic license, but thought 
better of it and went back to sleep after bidding him good-night. The 
next morning I saw a red-tailed hawk and a night heron.

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