Sweden and market socialism

Robert Peter Burns rburns at chaph.usc.edu
Wed Nov 8 17:41:16 MST 1995

Scott, I am inclined to agree with you, but then
you're argument is with Louis, not with me.

> > So let me ask the list: how much
> > lowering of the First World's workforce's living
> > standards do you think is necessary for socialist
> > justice?  Or are there <realistic> ways of building 
> > socialism which do not require generalized material
> > sacrifice by First world workers?
> Absolutely none. This whole argument, including notions of masses of 
> workers in the industrialized countries 'living off the labor' of third 
> world workers is bunk that lets the capitalists completely off the hook. 
> How convienent, now we can blame exploitation on the 'high living 
> standards' of some workers at the expense of others.
> Scott
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