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>> believe it or not, there are aspects of life about which socialism has
>> absolutely nothing to say, to offer or to enlighten. 
>I am inclined to agree.  As Chris Sciabarra and I recover from
>our operations, and no doubt others out there cope with aches,
>pains, personal hurts and losses, not to mention the prospect of
>death <oops, there, I mentioned it>, what does socialism have
>to say about those forms of suffering which are not the product
>of human wickedness?  <This is not a rhetorical question, BTW>

Mauro jr:
Eccoci. Here we are! The fear to die, the hope to survive in eternity.
That's the reason of the conversions of so many ex-atheists (agnostic means
ignorant OR stupid). I know an old ex-comrade from Napoli who was very close
to comrade Bordiga in the the '50s, then argued with Bordiga about the
communist strategy, then retired and two years ago became a fervent catholic
(and supporter of the right-wing). He explained on a local dayly newspaper
the condition of his conversion: the fear of to die (expressed in more
sophisticated sentences), the feeling of solitude, the sensation that
everything cannot finish with the physical death. We are weak and no one has
to condemn Fabbrocino for his conversion (we must condemn him for making his
conversion the bases of propaganda and for he beeing a new politically
Anybody can in a particular moment of his life have a psychological fall and
search for a hold. But as here, at the moment beeing, nobody (at least I
hope so) is in such conditions, I must say who want to be... enlightened,
and to be relieved from "suffering which are not the product of human
wickedness", how is it that your god is able to relieve your personal
suffering and is not able to avoid the "human wickedness"? It is a mistery,
exactly. But, please, keep your suffering for your self; don't try to mix
them with the socialist method and program which care of freeing society as
the only condition for freeing the individual, and has no its medicins for
the.. soul.
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