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Thu Nov 9 15:54:08 MST 1995

Dear Thami,
I have *not* gone over the book in detail, but much as it seems
an impossibility, the latest edition of *Samuelson's* introductory
micro textbook appears to treat Marx seriously. It seems that he
did truly learn some humility during the Cambridge Controversies--
particularly, I suppose, when he found that to avoid re-switching,
he had to assume that the labor/capital ratio was uniform across

Anyway, do take a look at it; don't dismiss it out of hand--which
would have been my reaction had I not flicked through it on a
colleague's desk.

Steve Keen
PS On the Post Keynesian front, though its approach really only
covers the Joan Robinson perspective on Post Keynesian thought,
I think thwn Jan Kregel's _Post Keynesian Economics: The
Reconstruction of Political Economy_ is a superb introduction to
Post Keynesian thinking. It is assisted, for first time readers,
by the fact that all his examples are arithmetic, rather than
algebraic (I had to convert from one to the other for my own
purposes at various times, but it is certainly more accessible
for a beginning reader)

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