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Thu Nov 9 16:05:04 MST 1995

     Hi, folks, I am delurking after having been on for
several weeks.  I am Barkley Rosser and I teach economics
at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, not too
far from "jefferson.village.virginia."  Having followed 
some recent threads led me to decide that I should pass on
to you a message from my old friend, 'Barney Ross,' who
has been known to cause trouble over on pen-l, :-).
     "Having been purged from the International Bowel Movement
(IBM) recently for insufficient appreciation of crap, I am 
announcing the recent formation of the Nth International! (yes, 
the ! is in the title), the truest and bluest Marxist group ever 
to have existed.  So far, we have -3 members, but we are not a sect!
After all, Marx and Engels started out with only two and look how
far they got.  Our prospects are limitless!
     We reject all other groups as hopeless sectarians, revisionists,
and splitters.  We have nothing to do with post-Trotskyites, post-
Maoists, post-Keensians, post-deconstructionists, post-Jesuits,
post-toasties, post-postians, or any other postal movement.  We have
gone beyond going beyond!
     Our method of Marxist textual analysis according to preprandial-
reconstructionism achieves the definitive reading and interpretation
of the _Theories of Surplus Value_ and _Grundrisse_.  Crucial is the
use of a computer program worked out with genuine workers over cheap
beer in a pub in between discussing Oprah Winfrey's expropriation of
surplus value and her efforts to purge past accumulation of bodily
surplus.  This program accurately adds and subtracts verbs and nouns
in the original German as well as providing superior translations into
N languages.
     We are not held back by any bourgeois sentimentality about such
crap as "democracy" or "human rights."  Nothing will stand in our way!
We have been following Louis Proyect's seminar on fascism and understand
that except for their racism and capitalism, the fascists had the right
methods.  We were inspired by Louis's application of the "bite off the
fingers of my opponents" strategy over on pen-l.  We intend to follow 
the method of Ustashi Croat leader Pavelic's strategy of collecting
eyeballs in glass jars and the Idi Amin strategy of collecting heads
in refrigerators.  We shall not be dissuaded from the latter by 
ecologists whining about energy usage as we know they are just Malthusian
Social Darwinist scum.
     Join the Nth International! before it is too late!  You have 
nothing to lose but various body parts!"
---'Barney Ross'
     I must admit that 'Barney Ross' considers me to be a hopeless
reactionary revisionist whose head will soon be in a refrigerator.
But he assures me that he does not mean it 'personally,' and we have
been known to go out to guzzle down some cheap beer while debating 
psycholinguistic computer programs, theories of surplus value, and
Oprah's waistline, as we are both unproductive laborers in the eyes
of Marx.
     Cheers, everybody! :-)
Barkley Rosser 

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