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At 16.43 04/11/95 +1000, Keen wrote:

>I would expect that, were Karl to be reincarnated today, and find himself,
130 years
>after Das Kapital, to still be in a capitalist nation, HE
>would be the first to "attack" himself by asking "what
>might I have got wrong in my theory".
I've already replied to this post, replying to Lisa Rogers on 6.11. Then I
will not continue the polemic about how marxist is Keen or not.
But i must underline that Marx, if were reincarnated today (funny idea, a
bit non-marxist), would say something like " I've been too optimistic in the
agitational papers I wrote, but I can see now the perfect confirmation of
what I <discoveed> about the tendency of the capitalist social formations to
survive through its own subsumption 
and that of its the individuals to the capitalist mode of production; I've
been right in analizing the consequencies of the real domination of capital
over the superstructures."
He would be probably astonished for how few people have understood his
method and principles, amongst the too many who claim to.
(something is gramatically wrong in this sentence, but I'm in the hurry)
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