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On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, Jon Beasley-Murray wrote:

> First, and perhaps most importantly, Louis seems to sideline the question 
> of race.  This should be a central question, as it is seems hard to 
> discuss nazism at least in any serious way without considering the 
> importance of anti-semitism.
> This is not to say that racism is necessarily a unifying characteristic 
> of fascism--anti-semitism was nowhere near so important for Mussolini's 
> fascism, for example.

	I have no idea about Italia, but it's pretty clear to me that Race
is THE fundmental division that Nazi and neo-nazis alike see as a category
to make sense of the world.  Communist class theory is seen as a
distortion of this `fundamental' Truth... 

	I've heard/read Nazis say this in the past, and in General
Gehlen's autobiography, stated in the Introduction, is what's surely a
fundmental Nazi belief: 

	"...that communism is a new religion whose significance and dynamism
makes it comparable to Islam as a historic force.  For in the ethos of the
proletariat Marx had in fact discovered and developed an alternative to
the ethnos of folk tradition reinforced by institutional religion.  In the
search for another stuff that would hold the body politic together he had
in fact produced an effective substitute for race -- class.  This 
accounts, I think, for the virulence of the long struggle (it has now, 
perhaps, entered its decisive phase) between Christian conservatives and 
Socialists-cum-Communists in Germany. (This is not to equate socialism 
with communism; communism is to socialism as fascism is to conservatism.)"

	`The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen' pg. xvii. 
Popular Library 1972.

	I think that in the final analysis, Race MUST be seen as _a_ sine
qua non of the fascist `ethos'... 

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