Fascism (Rose and Proyect)

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Fri Nov 10 06:44:24 MST 1995

> Adam wrote the below. I haven't been writing much latley, but this is 
> something important.

<big cut>

Adam ( the economic determinist ! ) :
> > Of course how things actually work out is a political question,
> > depending mainly on the political strength of a revolutionary
> > party. In such a crisis, revolution is becomes the only
> > alternative to fascism - perhaps economically, but certainly
> > politically, since the enraged middle classes are looking
> > for radical solutions.
> Well this is the wrong way around. It is fascism which becomes the 
> only alternative to capitalism in a revolutionary crisis - not just 
> (or perhaps even) in an economic crisis.

Uh ? Is this supposed to mean something ?
Fascism as something different to capitalism ?
- Fascism is just one way the bourgeoisie has of ruling.

Is he saying socialism isn't on the agenda in such crises ?
I thought he started with the proposition that fascism was always
a response to revolution ?

Is this a Marxism list or what ?
Whoops ! I'm degenerating into personnal abuse rapidly.
I wonder why.


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