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Fri Nov 10 10:10:55 MST 1995

Louis intones:
> Socialism doesn't emerge out of utopian experiments. It emerges out of 
> the revolutionary struggle of working people and poor peasants to 
> emancipate themselves from real oppression.
> Socialism is a *political* project. It will not come because of the 
> quantitative growth of worker's cooperatives. It will arrive under 
> conditions of great class confrontation between workers and bourgeoisie 
> at a time of war, economic distress, or toxic environmental degradation 
> created by capitalism itself.
> Furthermore, socialism can only be victorious when the "armed bodies of 
> men" that protect capitalist property relations are dissolved such as 
> they were in Cuba.
Great, Louis, just great!  Now, once the revolution has been
accomplished--y'know, like in Cuba--how should the economy
be organized so that the workers will constantly grow in
enthusiasm for their revolutionary choice?  Has this ever
been a problem for victorious revolutions in the past?
<When I was last in Havana--summer, '94--plenty of good
communist revolutionaries seemed to be raising just this

Can't you get the logical point???  Being *for* a model
like Schwickart's of how a socialist economy could operate
feasibly and efficiently is NOT to be *against* revolutionary
class struggle!  On the contrary!  One can only expect to 
implement such a model *through* such struggle <a point I 
made to you months ago, on pen-l>.  Moreover, we can only
*secure* and *preserve* revolutionary victories by ensuring
that they are followed by long-lasting, socialist, economic
viability and worker contentment.

Sorry if this is just a bit too obvious to others on the list
to seem worth stating.

Peter Burns SJ
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