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Fri Nov 10 10:39:25 MST 1995


Sorry to interrupt interesting discussions on fascism, but I have few 

What's wrong with old 'definition' of fascism as an effort of 
(ideologico-) political fixation of mainly economic crisis of capitalism 
at times when there's so deep a crisis that road to socialist/communist 
revolution is possible? 

In that way one is dealing with modern, plainly capitalist process, 
which has lot to do with economy as its cause but which doesn't deny the 
relevance of sociopsychological and ideological 'factors' as producers 
of fascist subjects. After all, there have to be 'possible fascists' 
(possibility for fascism) despite the lack of economic/societal 
conditions: fascism has its roots not only in economy as such but in the 
social life of people in a way that there seems to be always few 
individuals who are eager to 'protect the system' by violance? (Note: I 
do not mean that fascism is a psychological problem but a sociopolitical 

Jon is referring to left wing fascists - that I don't understand. Surely 
there was working-class based fraction in nazist SA-organization 
(correct me if I'm wrong) but I'm afraid there's something problematic 
spreading fascism in a way Jon does. - What's the role of 
'authoritarianism' (or whatever sociopsychological attribute) in all 
totalitarianism (whether capitalist or socialist)? 

Yours, Jukka Laari

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