Value (to John Ernst 4/4)

John R. Ernst ernst at
Sat Nov 11 18:05:30 MST 1995

Man, what shook your cage?   Chill out a bit.  Note  
that in the section from one of my posts that you   
quote, I stated "typically if we assume ..." and go  
on to state that what I though I had done is briefly  
summarize the neo-Ricardian manner of dealing with  
value.  You impute the summary to me.  I find this  
odd since I don't agree with it either.    
I do think that your criticisms of neo-Ricardian view do  
not amount to much.   If you want to talk of value, you  
claim you cannot be in labor hours per se.  OK.  Put  
the darn thing in terms of money and deal with it.    
It seems to me that you pick up on relatively simply matters  
and blow them up into a big thing.  But it is not clear what  
that big thing is as no one ever knows what the consequences  
of your insights are?   That is, by using labor hours in the manner  
I sketched,  have neo-Ricardians done away with "the economic law  
of motion of modern society"?   To this question, I would   
answer, 'Yes!"  Perhaps, you would as well.  But I fail to see  
how changing the units of the example makes your answer --  
"Yes!"  To convince anyone you are right you've got develop  
your argrument beyond debates about definitions.   
Like others, I ask that you be a bit clearer than the level  
of clarity you reach in the following:  
" So, as everybody can see, John will find me always  
willing to jump forward from the most abstract forms  
of our general social relation, capital, to its most  
concrete ones that can be relevant for my conscious  
action, always by following in thought the unfolding 
of their real necessity. But, is he really willing to 
jump with me? In that case, there is a jump he must give 
first: he must jump from the abstractions he has produced 
by isolating the real concrete social forms from their  
determinations, to the analysis of the real abstract  
social forms. " 
Here, you sound a bit like Professor Erwin Corey who used 
to give lectures I attended years ago in Chicago. If you  
produce material like the above relatively quickly, 
there may be a place for discussions at the level of  
discourse you seem to enjoy. (I think Corey retired.) 
John R. Ernst 

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