Armistice Day

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Happy Armistice Day!

On November 11, 1918, the warring "powers" signed the ceasefire
which marked the end of World War I, a bloody imperialist
conflict which began in 1914.

The end of the war didn't come easily.  Had it been up to the
statesmen, it would have continued so long as there was a soldier
able to lift a rifle.  But Russia had been taken out the war by a
revolution in 1917, Bulgaria by an army mutiny in 1918, and
mutinies were brewing among soldiers and sailors of all the
European powers. The new Russian revolution had put renewed hope
among workers around the world that a world of peace and justice
could be achieved. Under the circumstances, it seemed wisest for
the rulers to (temporarily) call off the quarrels among
themselves and close ranks against the threat of revolution.

November 11 was established as a holiday to celebrate the end of
a war.  In the United States, it was converted in the 1950s into
"Veterans Day" to celebrate militarism. This disconnection from
history is an ideological necessity for capitalism. Remembering
what really happened is a necessity for us.

Tom Condit

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