God and reason--my last word!

Robert Peter Burns rburns at chaph.usc.edu
Mon Nov 13 14:06:40 MST 1995

 In reply to MacKay:
 1.  There's more to be explained than just the square root
     of 2--there's rationality, mind, and freedom, as
     well as the experience of ethical and aesthetic value,
     plus religious experience, plus the marvellous mathematical 
     intelligibility of the physical universe.  All these things
     are not just abstractions, but deeply rooted in our experience
     of ourselves and the world.

 2.  My conclusion was not "Therefore, God exists", but 
     "Therefore, God is a *reasonable* choice for being 
     the explanatory ultimate reality."
 I've also asked Jim J off-list what he means by rejecting
 that "reason" is "out there", while accepting that the world
 has a "built-in logic".  But since I never claimed that
 atheism is *unreasonable*, on reflection I must concede
 that Christopher Gunn perhaps chooses too strong a form
 of words in warning Jim of becoming "dead meat".  We Jesuits
 may be stubborn bastards and noxious casuists, but we are not 
 butchers.  This is my last word on this subject on this list.
 <OK--I'll say it for you--Hallelujah!>
 Peace to all,

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