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Mon Nov 13 14:08:37 MST 1995

 Louis P consistently contrasts market socialism with
 serious anticapitalism, and with socialist planning.
 I am all in favor of global struggle to end capitalism.
 But I think the workers are not going to put an end
 to capitalism on the basis of the slogan "What do we
 want?  A totally planned global economy!  When do we
 want it?  Now!".  As the crisis of global capitalism
 deepens, they *are* going to push for democratic
 forms of social ownership, worker control, a new 
 internationalism, and the firm subordination of the 
 market to democratic planning of investment and the 
 provision of a broad range of public goods and services. 
 These things in combination appeal to the working class.  
 A totally planned economy does not.  
 Peter Burns SJ
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