Gramsci and Fascism - Buci-Gucksmann's GRAMSCI AND THE STATE

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Mon Nov 13 19:06:49 MST 1995

The recent discussions on fascism are fascinating and when I get the chance
I'll make some specific points.

A question:

I have a copy of Christine Buci-Glucksmann's _Gramsci and the State_ out
from the ANU library at present, and although I haven't had the opportunity
to sit down and actually read this impressive tome as yet (over 450 pages),
I just had a quick look and noticed that it has a section entitled:

Part Four:  War of Position and Fascism.  From the Liberal to the Fascist State

Chapter 13  Fascism as an Ideological and Philosophical Representative of
the War of Position

1. Ethical Statolatory and the Transformation of Political Superstructures
2. Politics and Economics: The Reorganisation of the State/Society Relation

Chapter 14  Fascism as Practical Representative of the War of Position.
Passive Revolution and the American Model

1. Fascism and its Theorization: From Caesarism to Passive Revolution
2. Passive Revolution and War of Position
3. Fascism and Fordism: On the State

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this looks highly relevant
to our discussions, and particularly to the discussions of Gramsci's
_Prison Notebooks_ and Poulantzas's _Fascism and Dictatorship_.  I am very
busy at the moment but I will try to squeeze in reading of at least these
two chapters sometime in December.  But if someone else is interested, or
has already read Buci-Glucksmann's analysis, please jump in beforehand!

I will try to have my piece on Balibar/Poulantzas ready by mid-January,
perhaps making some suggestions on the worth of these theories for
understanding the relationships between 'race' and 'nation' in contemporary
capitalism, as manifest in neo-fascism and (dare I say it)


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