October Stats: Digest up 25%

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Tue Nov 14 14:00:27 MST 1995

 Sorry for late answer, our mail system has been causing trouble.
>Just so your progress is not lost, if your aunt became ill and you
>had to drop out of the list, if you are willing and when it is in
>a convenient form, perhaps you might like to share your programme
>with all the co-moderators and Jon?
 Actually my aunt, who is a reumatologist, came down with a
computer virus the other day, threatening to rid her of several
years of research work. Two days later she had a hard disk failure
destroying her computerized medical records system. The latter, as
opposed to the former, was properly backed-up so I've decided
against dropping out for now. :-)
 As much as I'd like to share my programme with whomever, my
programming environment (which is "M", formerly known as "MUMPS")
doesn't allow me to make executables or any other kind of easily
(or freely, for that matter) distributable thingies. Here's how
we could do it: As long as I stay on the list, I'll provide the
statistics to you. Just forward the result of your "whos" to me
and I'll return the stats. At the very least, it beats the hell
out of counting countries manually. Should my aunt's computer
virus-provoked condition get worse, I'll make a pseudo code out
of the programme before I drop out and I'm sure scores of people
on the list will be able to make a new program.
Sorry for silly programming environment,
PS Perhaps the US dominance isn't as heavy as it seems to the
naked eye. It is not uncommon that people have their accounts in
a country different from their one of resident. Also, lots of
foreign students have US addresses.

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