Fascism (Rose and Proyect)

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Wed Nov 15 12:24:46 MST 1995

A bit more on this debate:

> Date:          Fri, 10 Nov 95 10:06:25 GMT
> From:          Adam Rose <adam at pmel.com>

> Subject:       Re: Fascism (Rose and Proyect)

> > The most recent and vivid example of this in the recent past is the 
> > fascist mullah regime in Iran.
> Rubbish. Fundamentalists aren't Fascists. Calling them fascists means you
> end up siding with regime against them ( more recently, large sections
> of the left did exactly this in Algeria ) , which strengthens the
> Fundamentalists and the real fascists, rather than weakens them.

Adam. I think you should look into the nature of the Iranian 
revolution before making blanket 'rubbish' statements. According to 
the criteria you have been laying down, the Iranian regime is 
fascist. I has led to the smashing of unions, left parties, the 
shoras (workers councils of the 1979 - 81 period). This isn't just my 
analysis. read a journal called "Democracy in Iran" (i think - I'll 
check at home tonight) which is published in the UK. It describes the 
Iranian regime as fascist. Yes, it is also based on islamic 
fundamentalism. But it has managed to balance the religious doctrines 
(against usury and the like: officially there is no interest in Iran, 
just a fluctating service fee of around 10%) with the realities of 
running a capitalist class society.

One of Louis' questions is along the lines of 'can fascism only 
develop in developed nations?'. I'm not sure - but I do think that 
the Pinochet regime was fascist and I think that the Khomeini regime 
was and is fascist. Dual power was developing in Iran in 1979-81; the 
shoras were the workers councils of the Iranian revolution. The 
negative resolution of them not taking power (a question of 
revolutionary leadership of the movement) meant the victory of 
fascism. I am not saying that islamic fundamentalism = fascism; I am 
saying that the Khomeini regime was and is fascist.

Adam, think and research before dimissing something you don't know 
everything about.

I was interested in the post from Magnus Bernhardsen on the Nazi 
regime in Norway. How do people respond to the fact that there were 
unions in Norway in this period? (And wonderful entrism as a 
shibboleth for so many a trotskyist sect....)


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