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>> The most recent and vivid example of this in the recent past is the 
>> fascist mullah regime in Iran.
>Adam Rose:
>Rubbish. Fundamentalists aren't Fascists. Calling them fascists means you
>end up siding with regime against them ( more recently, large sections
>of the left did exactly this in Algeria ) , which strengthens the
>Fundamentalists and the real fascists, rather than weakens them.

Mauro jr.
Who mantain that fascism has been and is the reaction to the un-victorious
struggles of the working class and the fear of the bougeoisie for them,
well, the mullahs of Iran are properly fascist. Do you know anything about
the workers struggles in Iran until february '79?  The workers went up to
build the councils! The role of the Tudeh has been worse than the role of
the PSI in 1920 (occupation of the factories in Italy). There was no
revolutionary party to take the political lead of the struggles and the
workers have been defeated by the reaction in the shape of the black mullah.
This is not rubbish, Adam; this is the history of the Iranian proletariat
and the properly fascist reaction.
Rev. greetings
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