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>If I shoot you, *I* cause your death, but that doesn't mean
>that my *gun* is illusory, or had no causal role in your demise.

That most certainly does NOT mean that the gun either is illusory OR caused
my demise. The proximate cause of my death was your murder, the gun was a
mere instrumentality, of no significance in causation. Your motivation can be
elusive but MOST OFTEN is demonstrable as a proximate cause of factors which
are most decidedly of this world. Historical materialism does assume that
this-world effects have this-world causes. This against a backdrop of
millenia of obvious superstitions which assumed that this-world effects were
the products of a dialectic involving the material and spiritual worlds.
Historical materialism was a world-class improvement over prior methods of
analysis. Not without serious problems but vastly more reliable than prayer,
for example. THAT, however, is most decidedly another argument. 

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