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Tue Nov 14 22:46:18 MST 1995

Now let's see: Che Guevara Luzietti worries about markets
because of

1> pollution, 
2> lack of safety
3> stress
4> homecare problems
5> childrearing problems
6> armaments
7> advertizing

Okay, Che, I'll give you number 7--they didn't
have much of that in the Soviet bloc.  But then
there wasn't much to advertize, as I recall.
True, Che, it wasn't really central planning's
fault--they screwed up, just like they screw
up everywhere they go for it in a really big way,
Fair enough. How come, though, all the folks who *say* they
want a marketless, wholly planned economy, always seem
to run into problems about keeping the workers happy and
revolutionary when they try to implement it?  Is there
a better, but still socialist, way?  Meantime, where 
was the greatest loss of life from man-made famine this 
century?  See my next post, Markets#2, for the answers to
both questions.

Peter Burns SJ
rburns at
PS for Che only, not to whole list, 
'cos I've said I wouldn't talk about it again
to the whole list, but I don't have Che's email
Che,  *after* you've read the nonChristian
physicist Paul Davies's book The Mind of God, 
*then* you can defend me as a naive but well-meaning
worshipper of a Sumerian skygod, out of touch with
what serious scientists are saying these days. But
in any case, and until then, I appreciate your 
tolerance for us benighted unsophisticates.

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